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5 Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need To Be Restored

David Youngblood

2 min read

Feb 16



Hardwood floors, like many luxury items in our homes, are a massive investment. They are usually the type of investment that one would want to last a lifetime.

Typically, good-quality hardwood floors can last up to 100 years if they are well looked after. While we all love our hardwood floors, do we know enough about them or what the actual signs of aging and damage are?

In order to determine whether you need to restore your hardwood floors, here are five key signs to look for:

Surface scratches or cracks

Over time, your floor will accumulate multiple scratches. They could be caused by shoes, furniture, heavy objects, etc.

These scratches can be just on the surface or they can go deeper, which not only destroys the appearance but also makes the wood susceptible to water damage. Sanding and refinishing can fix this problem.

A noisy floor

Initially, the flooring is formed by joining multiple strips together. Over time, the joints tend to loosen. An excessive load or movement in a short period of time can also result in it. Boards clash against each other and create a squeaking or creaking noise that can be bothersome.

This can be fixed by refastening the boards. At times, adding lubrication can also help. Speak to our experts about how we can help you silence your noisy floors.

Faded or gray coloring

Over time, the beautiful hardwood flooring you just installed will fade through water damage, physical damage, or exposure to the sun. Grey discoloration on a wooden floor typically indicates moisture damage. Watch out for this.

When the shiny surface is scratched or faded, it gives your floor a very dull look and appearance. This can be fixed by applying coatings or recoating polyurethane that protects the surface.

Protective polyurethane coatings allow the wood’s beautiful colors to shine through and will keep your floor looking beautiful. At the time of refinishing, a color stain can be applied to give your home a wonderful look.

Warping or bending

The damage caused by excessive moisture or water leaks will cause your wooden floor to buckle or warp. It will bend into a curve, changing the shape of the floor and indicating even more serious damage to come.

An immediate fix is required at this time, which can be handled by our team of experts.

Gouges and bigger dents

Floor dents or gouges are much more concerning than scratches. They should be repaired completely to prevent water damage. At this point, refinishing is required.

You can call our experts for advice over the phone or have them come to your home to provide you with an in-person consultation.

Contact the experts at Youngblood’s Hardwood Flooring. We know just how to get your hardwood floor refinished and restored so that you never have to worry about it again!

Call us at 214-683-7606 or email us at to book an appointment.

David Youngblood

2 min read

Feb 16



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